A human approach
for targeted telephone calls 

The Hit Solution Method

Our method is based on proven principles: thoroughness and flexibility. Every client’s needs are thoroughly analyzed to precisely target their expectations. We establish a sales or objective growth plan adapted to your reality. We then set up a pilot project with daily follow-ups. A performance and profitability analysis is performed periodically, all followed by a monthly review to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our process is supported by our GesTel technology, which allows us to be even more effective.

Achieve your objectives by minimizing your risk and optimizing your investment with Hit Solution!



Our Mission

The goal of Hit Solution is to accelerate your business growth by offering you turnkey telephone outsourcing services, whether it be for appointment scheduling, customer service or telephone sales. Our team of professionals are committed to your success.

Our Team

Mr. Guy Carignan 

Mr. Guy Carignan is President and Director General of Hit Solution, as well as a leader in the insurance and investment industry. He has over 40 years of diversified experience in financial management, as well as in human resource management and strategic planning.

Throughout his career, Mr. Carignan has held positions as Financial Manager and Director General, including for the Montreal-South Shore Agency of Industrial Alliance. As Director General, he managed the largest insurance agency in Canada. He also spearheaded strategic planning, acquisition and business integration processes.

An enthusiastic, results-oriented leader, Mr. Carignan has a multi-disciplinary profile. He excels in large-scale project management of various natures. He developed expertise in sales with prequalified appointments. He can fulfill any support, optimization, sales and management system implementation mandates. His experience allows him to make precise diagnoses on the logistics and operational functions of sales.

Mrs Isabelle Carignan, B.B.A., MGEAI
Vice-President, Operations

Mrs. Isabelle Carignan has a Bachelor of Business Administration, international management profile, from the Université du Québec à Montréal and a Master in Business Management and International Affairs from the Université du Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris. Mrs. Carignan has had the opportunity to make several business restructurings in the municipal, manufacturing, services and distribution sectors. Her interventions were instrumental in achieving productivity gains of 20% to 30%. Throughout her career, Mrs. Carignan developed impactful business strategies in process improvement, analyses of organizational structures and management mechanisms. She knows how to quickly propose action plans adapted to specific environments and manage change.

Mr. Mathieu Savage
IT Manager

Mr. Mathieu Savage worked as a computer consultant for almost 10 years. He specializes in increasing the productivity of businesses by creating and implementing computer tools. Responsible for computer programming files, Mr. Savage is able to identify solutions that are appropriate for your situation and support businesses in the analysis of their effectiveness, implementing controls and exploiting new opportunities. The experience he acquired as a consultant, coupled with over 3,000 hours of computer training, process optimization and project management make Mr. Savage a reliable partner for any project.